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DIJ Elements fuses wood into various elements to create a new or give an existing piece its own transformation and its own existence. Its main purpose is to beautify any dwelling through the test of time.

DIJ Elements handcraft all pieces in the USA

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Think modern personalized wood designs all fused together as one to create a work of Art

Welcome Everyone!  For 2019, We have the  new  wood enclosure for the Maschine Mikro MK3 and our modern 14U Rack and lastly the  wood panels for the Moog Minataur.  We now offer Walnut as an option for the MK3 and Push2 enclosure.

Right behind our signage is our interactive gallery of products we had created throughout this journey. Our product line has evolved to include more unique products that anyone would be proud to own. Double click image to zoom in.​


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noun: dij element; plural noun: dij elements
1.   Fusing wood into various elements to create a new or give an existing piece its own transformation and its own existence. Its main purpose is  to beautify any dwelling through the test of time.


  1. I am a DJ from the late 80’s who has only used milk crates for storage of my vinyl collection. I like the sturdiness of milk crates, but my DJ career is long gone and do not need to transport them to gigs anymore. The look of these milk crates no longer fits my family style and decor. I have been looking into wood crates in stores like Home Goods and Michael’s but they are made up of cheap wooden material that could not withstand a large collection of records I have. Ikea and Target have crates made up of particleboard and these could not withstand my large vinyl collection. Knowing what my needs are, I consulted with DIJ to see if they can create me the product I am looking for. The finished product was made of solid wood with a walnut stain. I can easily fit in 100-120 vinyl records. If you need to move the crates often, then I suggest filling the crate with no more then 100 records. For me, I filled mine to 120 records since these will be living in the family room only. The handles are wide enough and comfortable to lift and carry. The crate is sturdy and strong enough to be moved around without it feeling like it was going to warp or break. Knowing how well made this crate is, I can see today’s vinyl DJ bringing this to any one of their gigs. Crate was well designed, sturdy, and very stable to meet the needs of a DJ and vinyl collector. I don’t normally write reviews, but felt I needed to after being blown away by the final product. I would definitely buy from DIJ again and look forward to see what other products they will be creating in the future.
    Daryl Joseph
  2. We just received The Retro cutting block as a gift. You can see the craftsmanship and the quality in the product. Although you can use it as a cutting board we are so impressed by how beautiful it is that we may just display it.
    Chris and Michelle
DIJ|Elements Comes to life with a fusion of modern to mid-century modern styling as if taking vintage pieces and molding them into modern art. Our designs are simple and clean with the sophistication of traditional joinery that offers strength. The finishes we use are the best poly oils manufactured in Germany that allows you to actually feel the grain. It highlights the natural beauty of the wood. The wood that is used on most of our pieces comes primarily from birch lumber. Musicians and electronics manufacturers seek out birch because of an inherent resonant quality it imparts to speakers and musical instruments. When built into a drum shell, for example, birch produces a sound that has tone and depth that other drum shells cannot rival. When birch plywood is made into a speaker cabinet, it does the same thing: It provides the speaker with rich, deep bass that resonates. On guitar bodies, birch  sustains the feel that can't be matched by other guitar body materials such as ash, alder or mahogany. Lastly we handcraft our pieces in the USA.

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