DIJ Elements

DIJ Elements fuses wood into various elements to create a new or give an existing piece its own transformation and its own existence. Its main purpose is to beautify any dwelling through the test of time.

DIJ Elements handcraft all pieces in the USA

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  1. 2017 Dij|Elements Collection
    09 Feb, 2017
    The new approach on the venerable classic cutting blocks
    My first exposure to butcher block making was back in the days of high school woodshop class. The very first project we created in class was making a butcher block. It required us to rip several pieces of wood and lay it out to create a cool pattern. Once I decided on a pattern, it was time to glue the strips and clamp until the gaps were gone.  We waited for the next day for the glue to dry. Then we cut it to size, planed it for the appropriate thickness, and then sanded it smooth.  The
  2. Upping the ante of mid-century modern furniture transformation
    08 Oct, 2016
    Upping the ante of mid-century modern furniture transformation
    DIJ Elements is all about bridging mid-century modern into today’s lifestyle.  We believe that the essence of that era, clean lines, functionality and natural materials can be incorporated  and fused into pieces that serve a multiple purpose. We want to use natural materials to not only create completely new pieces, but discover old pieces that we can breathe new life into.  Such is the case with our newest piece, a slightly damaged end table found at a Habitat for Humanity Restore.  It is


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