DIJ Elements

DIJ Elements fuses wood into various elements to create a new or give an existing piece its own transformation and its own existence. Its main purpose is to beautify any dwelling through the test of time.

DIJ Elements handcraft all pieces in the USA

The Build

  1. Entry door project
    Entry door project
  2. Modern amp rack build
    Modern amp rack build
  3. Drop in Mixer Build 1
    Drop in Mixer Build 1
  4. Midcentury, light switch, faceplates
    Midcentury switch faceplates with metal backing
  5. Drop in Mixer 3
    Drop in Mixer 3
  6. Modern 4U rack build
    Modern 4U rack build
  7. Drop in Mixer 4
    Drop in Mixer 4
  8. Midcentury modern turntable build
    Midcentury modern turntable build
  9. Midcentury modern leg
    Midcentury modern leg
  10. Spline record crates
    Spline record crates
  11. Midcentury Modern Fence Build
    Midcentury Modern Fence Build
  12. Modern turntable build
    Modern turntable build

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